As 2019 comes to an end, I’m up to my eyeballs in words. The Blood Forest series is about to go live! What started as a prequel novella ballooned into a 120k word novel following Troa and her friends as they set events in motion which will forever change their world.


Troa Travay wants nothing more than to be the youngest ranger to earn a captainship, and if the sterling arrest rate of her four-person squad of cadets is any indicator, she’s well on her way.

Far removed from the dazzling society of Consortium Magi and Radiant HighCastes, the rural Shinador Region draws an abundance of outlaws. The rangers spend their days hauling those outlaws in. For Troa, it’s a perfect life…until she uncovers her mother’s plot to assassinate Shinador’s Radiant governor, the very man she unwittingly kissed the other night—the man the law forbids her from being with.

Now, Troa finds herself caught in a whirlpool of forbidden passion, murder, and deadly, illegal magic. With both her career and the lives of those closest to her hanging in the balance, she must make the ultimate choice: Honor the law she took an oath to uphold, or sacrifice her hopes and dreams to do right by her heart.

Land of Perpetual Night is a full-length prequel to the upcoming Blood Forest trilogy. If you like resilient heroines, unshakable friendships, and a side of steam served with your magic and heartache, you’ll love this gripping story.

LPN should see the light of day sometime this month, and Book 1 of the Blood Forest trilogy, All That’s Left Behind, is due to release the first quarter of 2020.

I can’t wait to share this adventure with you all!

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