About the Author

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Miri C. Golden grew up in the rural mountains of Southern Oregon, where cougars and deer outnumber people. Raised without TV, gaming systems, and central heating & air, she escaped real life through fantasy novels.

Not much has changed since then, save for the dinosaurs—they died off.

Currently, Miri resides in the Pacific Northwest with her oh-so sexy husband and their two little monsters. She continues to escape all of life’s disappointments through reading and writing, but when she stuck adulting and can’t immerse herself in magic, dragons, and one-true-loves, she toils her days away in the art industry.

In addition to banging words, Miri enjoys biking, cooking, reading, and exploring art in its many mediums, as well as stuffing her face, rolling her eyes, and liberally applying four-letter words and their conjugates to every situation.

Oh! And Epstein didn’t k!ll himself.

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